Quick tip: VCD cell-management-tool without using credentials

Are you tired of constantly typing the password when executing cell-management-tool commands on VCD cells? Here is a quick tip on how to use the cell-management-tool without using credentials.

There is an option -i that allows you to execute commands using the pid (process id) instead of providing the system-administrator credentials.

How does it work?

  • first you retrieve the pid number
  • the -i option allows you to use the pid number to bypass the authentication (you were logged on with a user with administrative permissions anyway)

The following will display the activity (-t, or –status) on the VCD cell. If not using the pid method, one would use -u for the username, and then be prompted for the password.

You can find the cell-management-tool command line reference here (VCD 10.4).

Let’s take a look how it would normally work:

  • retrieve the pid number

Now we will use the pid number as a parameter to execute the command:

Let’s do some small optimization now. We will combine the two command into a one-liner. This will retrieve the pid at execution time.

Happy to share this quick tip. Now you can also execute the cell-management-tool without using credentials, and maybe be a less frustrated, having to type that password over and over again 😀 !

DO NOT USE -p option

The -p option allows you to specify your password on the command line. However, this will be shown in plain text, and will be stored in the cli history. Other system administrators might be seeing this history, and therefore also this password.