Quick tip: Setting up TrueSSO?

Are you setting up TrueSSO? Are you looking to use signed certificates to secure the communication between the Connection Server and the Enrollment Server?

Try to find the documentation on using signed certificates to secure that communication. I challenge you, you will not find it easily.

What and why?

You are allowing access to the Unified Access Gateway from the internet. You will want those services to have signed certificates to secure the communication, which will turn that icon in the Horizon client green. To enable end-to-end signed communication, you will need to make sure that you have certs all the way. In the end you are creating tunnels to backend services.

On top of that you want to add TrueSSO in the equation as you want a seamless sign-on experience. This means more certificates. You follow the guides (and all the blog posts that are built using this information), so you are almost there.

However, one step is exporting the ‘vdm.ec’ certificate from the Connection Server and import it on the Enrollment Server. That is exactly where the information is missing or at least hard to be found. None of them actually talk about CA signed certificates for this. You are doing this kind of effort to get all those components (Microsoft) CA signed. Don’t you think that you should use signed certificates here as well, if . I think so!

Where can I find the documentation

Here is the documentation on the VMware websites on setting up TrueSSO:

… and also some great blogs articles out there:

Search no more, you can find it here on the docs.vmware.com site, it is just in another section and a bit hard to find.

Horizon Client Installer Failed

The Horizon Client installer generates the following errors for Multimedia Redirection:

Adding the following symlinks made the failure message go away. I’m wondering though if the packages get updated in the repositories whether this will break the Multimedia Redirection (MMR). I guess I’ll notice some day.

Update (2019/12/20): Today I updated from version 5.2 to 5.3 and ran into the same issue again. I noticed that there are symbolic links present but that they linked to the old versions. After updating the symbolic links the installer was happy again.

Through https://communities.vmware.com I found