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by Jul 26, 2023AVI, NSX ALB, VMware

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To be honest, I have been complaining some over the last year, or so, about the NSX Advanced Load Balancer documentation. Mostly that it was not easy to be found, and one was having to fall back on the avinetworks.com site, which was not great either.

On docs.vmware.com the navigation links were not existing. However, if and when you knew the page titles, you could search for them through search engines. That showed that a lot of those documentation pages were there, in fact, but only not visible with non-existing links.

However, since a couple weeks, there is a banner on the avinetworks.com site that 22.1.4 is the latest release that was documented on avinetworks.com.

NSX ALB documentation deprecation on avinetworks.com
NSX ALB documentation deprecation on avinetworks.com

This means that the single source of truth will be on the NSX Advanced Load Balancer page on docs.vmware.com (the link does redirect you to that location 😀).

Quick tip: if you want to search within a site through a browser, e.g. chrome, use the following as an example:

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